Links of the day

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The Daily Influence – Ogilvy designed Netvibes page to introduce marketers to social media

Viral Online Movie Marketing – eMarketer

Techno//Marketer – Transparency in 140 characters

Youth Marketing Statistics: New phone features ‘baffle users’

EU Commission offers bleak growth outlook – International Herald Tribune

Cisco Plans Big Push Into Server Market – – this maybe a bridge too far for Cisco, after all what is a router but a couple of line terminators (ADSL, Ethernet, wi-fi, GSM, WCDMA), a server motherboard and a look-up table. Something that IBM, HP or Sun Microsystems could easily throw together and sell at cost just to crush the competition

apophenia: Taken Out of Context — my PhD dissertation

Search Advertising – Up, Down, Or Flat?

Hyundai hits the UK mobile handset market with 15 handsets en route | Mobile Industry Review

Twingly Microblog Search – has a very Northern European focus

Apple sells refurb in China as well

PowerPoint is my slave! | Tickled By Life – some handy recommendations here, thanks to my colleague Hayley for the suggestion

Kraft Hits on Killer App for IPhone Marketing – Advertising Age – Digital

The Plot to Kill Google – interesting article