Transparent business models work

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media temple logo, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

I use Culver City-based internet service provider Media Temple (mt) to host my blog. They have a great responsive service that means I have down time of a quarter of an hour now and again rather than the three weeks or so that I had with Yahoo! Small Business Hosting.

Media Temple is also transparent when they have faults blogging about what’s wrong, when its wrong and what they are doing to fix it. So when things do go wrong I am confident that it will be fixed.

Which brings me around to why I am recommending them in this blog post. Their transparency inspires me to trust them with my brand.

Transparent business models work, swiftly dealt with faults can inspire brand loyalty as we recognise human qualities in others. Brands can stumble, but we respect them more if they can pick themselves up off the floor and carry on.