25 Random Things

Reading Time: 3 minutes

My friend Rachel tagged me on Facebook on a meme where you have to pontificate about 25 random things. There seems to be a bit of a sub-text in the meme that these random things will provide a bit of colour about you:

  1. Not particularly sure why I got tagged on this, but I’m game and a being a PR operative BS artist still despite my digital conversion
  2. I have seven and a half tonnes of vinyl records in my garage. The result of over two decades of collecting
  3. My favourite colours are blue, black and silver despite the fact that I wear day glow trainers
  4. For the first three years working in London, I hated the city. I’ve mellowed a bit since then, but struggle dealing with the fact when I go to see my family in Merseyside and Ireland that there isn’t high-quality coffee, a high-speed internet connection or 24-hour printing a la Kinkos available
  5. I’ve had Macintosh computers since 1989, I got my first laptop in 1994 for use at college and did all my college projects and presentations on ClarisWorks (the Grandaddy of iWork). 16 shades of grey, 4MB of RAM and a 40MB hard drive were fine back then
  6. I really resent the way so many products have poor build quality. I won’t buy most Sony products because of this, chips don’t compensate for good quality mechanical engineering
  7. I’m torn between two sides of me: one side plans, the other side is impulsive preferring to go with a more emergent approach.
  8. I love reading, its a habit that my parents gave me
  9. Some of my friends and colleagues call me a compulsive networker – it was a learned habit, when I came down to London, I came from knowing most people to knowing no one
  10. I still have my first address book from 20 years ago and am anal about my business card organisation . At the moment, these are across five Roladex frames
  11. I once had a watch face blow off when I was scuba diving coming up from a 40-metre dive, I’ve always worn a Rolex since then. Quality costs, that’s just the way it is
  12. I used to hate fish and custard as a child, over time as an adult I’ve grown to like them
  13. I stay in touch with my Mum and Dad by SMS text. My Mum isn’t that fussed about technology, but my Dad likes my cast-off phones, his sat nav and is fascinated by the internet. If he could touch-type I am sure there is no limit to what he could do
  14. I learned to touch-type on a DEC VAX mini-computer, and then polished up my typing whilst at college using Mavis Beacon. I did a multi-skilled apprenticeship, however I am absolutely useless unlike my Dad who is a DIY maven and time-served mechanical fitter
  15. I developed four products that were successfully patented, but my name never went on any of the patents
  16. My favourite aftershave is Acqua di Parma, I also like Eau Savage by Christian Dior
  17. I hated my time at university apart from my innovation modules taught by Dr Neil Keegan, university was just a means to an end. I loved the opportunity to read around edge areas like technology, the internet and chaos theory
  18. My thinking has changed since I started using a computer. Cut and paste has made non-linear thinking a lot easier. You don’t have to start at the beginning any more. This is probably bigger than the internet
  19. My watch is still more important to me than my mobile phone
  20. The last film I saw that I really liked was Southland Tales
  21. My first car was a Fiat 126, it had many faults, but it was fun to drive
  22. I haven’t found a mobile phone that is better than the Ericsson T39 I had. My phone history was: Motorola 8800, Ericsson EH237, Motorola Graphite, Ericsson GF768, Ericsson I888, Ericsson T28 World, Ericsson T39, Ericsson T68, Nokia 6310i, NEC e606, Palm Treo 610, Palm Treo 650, Nokia E61, Nokia 6086, Nokia E90, Sonim XP1, Sonim XP3 and Nokia N95
  23. I used to DJ at a fun pub called The Swan in Wallasey docks, the license wasn’t going to be renewed so we kept on playing and ignored the curfew
  24. I once did a course on asphalt technology (seriously) and we were accommodated in halls of residence by the University of Newcastle who were hosting the event. I was told by the staff in charge of the accommodation that the previous occupant of my room was a student who got hopped up on Pro Plus during exam season and jumped out the window
  25. I am not the Ged Carroll who boxes to a high standard in amateur matches and may be a future olympic hope