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The incredible shrinking operating system | InfoWorld | Analysis | 2009-02-09 | By Ephraim Schwartz – more like right-sizing the operating system

How Important Is Search to Users? – eMarketer – very.

Social Media Success begins with the Basics – Authenticities – Edelman Digital

Beet.TV: Akamai CTO: Adaptive Streaming from Adobe and Microsoft Will be Big in 2009

Google Next Victim Of Creative Destruction? (GOOG) – but what does its replacement look like?

Web 2.0 Asia :: Using Mozilla Firefox in Korea – this is why monopolies are bad, they stifle innovation – A New Productivity Tool | Visit beta.dor – task list on steroids

Apple talks with China Mobile break down over App Store – Rethink Wireless – consumers who can afford the iPhone come to Hong Kong to shop, hence unlocked iPhones on sale here: no China Mobile required

Hitwise Intelligence – Sandra Hanchard – Asia Pacific: Plurk attracts more Visits than Twitter in Singapore

Tools to Analyze Delicious Tags, Bookmarks and URLs

Listen with Twitter »

Six Consistent Keys to eCommerce Blogging Success

Microsoft’s Billion Dollar ‘Search For Enterprise’ Product Launching Tomorrow (MSFT) – unsure whether this is fulfilling the promise of project ‘Cairo’ over a decade and a half ago or an effort to cut Autonomy off at the knees?

SEO PR: What is it and why should you care? | Econsultancy

NetEase’s Will Launch BBS Service In China –