Three mobile email access goes into ‘threefall’

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I have my broadband dongle and mobile phone contract on Three. For the most part I have been happy with their service. Three like home where Three UK users can use their networks in other countries as if they were on their home network is one of them’duh’ why didn’t anybody else think of that ideas. It works particularly well for me as my personal travel destinations of Ireland and Hong Kong both have networks that I can take advantage of Three like home.



My mobile email however has been a bit of a bug bear. It isn’t a handset error unless I have been unlucky enough to have the same problem exhibited across my Nokia N95, a Nokia E90 and a new Nokia 5800. Both the E90 and the 5800 are both unlocked non-network specific handsets.

All of the handsets work fine through the Nokia email client and then stop receiving inbound emails from my email account. I can still send emails but no longer receive them.

  • It isn’t that I have exceeded my bandwidth requirements as my phone bills show that I am well below the 1GB/ month ceiling
  • My email settings are fine
  • My email account works fine on other devices and networks
  • Three’s Indian-based customer support staff have been delightful and patient but ultimately ineffective

Anybody else had similar problems? Or have you got any bright ideas on how I can resolve this, preferably without moving mobile operator?

Image based on an image by divemasterking2000.