Cool Stuff: Thomson Reuters Slide Show

I went along to Mobile Geeks of London a few days ago and managed to get a preview copy of a slideshow application from Thomson Reuters. It takes an RSS feed of Thomson Reuters news photographs and makes it easy to browse on a phone running S60 touch.

It is nice to see developers starting to think about how they can use the touch screen on the new Nokias.

In the menu.

Reuters Slide Show

First page for navigating images

Reuters Slide Show

Loading images

Reuters Slide Show


Reuters Slide Show

The tab below the image on the right-hand side brings up the picture caption. Giving context to the images. It works nicely with the touch interface.

4 Replies to “Cool Stuff: Thomson Reuters Slide Show”

  1. Glad you like our widget, which you can view (and try out!) here:

    To show/hide the image caption just swipe up/down, to enlarge/reduce the image or the caption just double click, and to go to the next/previous image or caption just swipe left/right.

    The tab calls the view menu, where you can start/pause the automatic view mode for images or captions, and where you can return to the home screen to choose another feed.

    Carin Campanario, Flash(Lite) developer at TUI interactive media

  2. Any chance anyone can point me to a n install file for this app/widget. I need this app back on my phone. I have an N97 and this app/widget was preloaded on my N97, but on the C: drive (73MB) and I want to transfer it to my E: drive (32GB). I need the install file to do this.

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