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Yahoo counters Google Latitude: Friends on Fire | Webware – CNET

How To: Survive the Apocalypse (Think D.I.Y. Knives, and Solar Stills) | Danger Room from

Microsoft Abandons Web Analytics, Suggests You Try Google Or Yahoo (MSFT)

How To Blog Completely Anonymously

P2PR – Join in the evolution of online PR

Evaluating the media: Another slant on the ‘Outs’

Tech Trader Daily – Barron’s Online : Microsoft: Headed For Back-to-Back Down Years? – I just don’t see how this one plays out. Microsoft is stilll a fabulously successful business.

Tim Armstrong, Chairman And CEO, AOL: ‘Job #1 Is To Focus On The Core Business’ |

Value Is the New Green –

The New Virtual Red-Light District: Second Life Tackles Its Sex Problem |

PHIRIA DESIGN(フィリアデザイン)Official Website – brilliant Japanese web designers

bijin-tokei(美人時計)official website – pretty Japanese ladies were photographed holding a board with the time on it. This was then turned into a clock