Demand-side economics for golden rules

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This post started up as a train of thought when some of my colleagues were demanding slides of social media golden rules that they could present to their clients. I started off with one guiding principle: that social media is ultimately about people rather than social media itself and then expanded to ten derivatives to meet their latent demand for ‘top ten golden rules’ slides.

The number of golden rules had no setting in terms of knowledge but was purely created because they felt it was what they needed. Why did they need ten? Still not sure on the answer to that one, I thought that this may be useful for other people so here it is.

Here are the rules that I came up with:

  • Be human: avoid marketing speak, company speak
  • Don’t use jargon, unless it is used by the community you are interacting with
  • Treat online community participants the way you would like to be treated: honesty, integrity, openness are key
  • Be nice: this can sometimes be hard, but it makes determined detractors look foolish
  • Don’t say anything that you would regret it if it was on the front page of every major newspaper the following day
  • Listen: before entering a dialogue follow the correspondent’s blog posts, their twitter feed, rummage through their social bookmarks
  • Think about what benefit or utility your client can bring to audiences rather than what messages that we want to deliver
  • Plan
  • Be available : many bloggers and active community members do this in their own time as part of their day jobs
  • Allow room for dialogue: don’t over finish a post so the audience cannot add something in the comments, think about how you can collaborate with your audience