I like: IWC Aquatimer (vintage collection)

IWC Aquatimer (vintage collection), originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

Lots of brands have been delving into the past to come up with new limited edition ranges. adidas have become the past-masters at this game.

In terms of luxury goods, Carrera sunglasses have trawled their 1980s catalogue of oversized aviators to come up with their latest range. One could argue that the watch industry was one of the first to realise the benefits of pillaging from the past.

TAG Heuer pioneered this a decade or so ago reissuing chronographs that were originally popular with stars like Steve McQueen to try and make the brand seem like a serious instrument watchmaker, rather than an overpriced fashion brand.

IWC got into the game with reproductions of its classic first model Aquatimer. They have done it in rose gold or platinum, but the one to get is the stainless model complete with a reproduction tropical plastic resin strap.

This way you get a watch with a luminescent face that still works and an even higher level of finishing than the original. You can get a stainless steel model via Watchfinder UK.

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  1. Quite a coincidence…I was looking at the exact same thing yesterday after picking up an old copy of Esquire. Really lovely range…I particularly liked the Ingenieur. I’ve got a Tag that I relaised the other day I’ve owned for 16 years, so I think I might just have to hang onto that until it becomes vintage!

    I love the Omega Railmaster too, not least because the name males me laugh! http://www.watchfinder.co.uk/Omega/Railmaster-Watches/

  2. The Railmaster is a classic piece of thinking about legibility and user experience. Its interesting how similar the later professional Seamasters were to it.

    May wait until bankruptcies and city pain fill the secondhand watch supplier with nearly new gear before splashing out. God I love a good recession.

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