Links of the day

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iPhone Makes Up 50 Percent of Smartphone Web Traffic In U.S., Android Already 5 Percent

Microsoft Hit With New Patent Lawsuit: Windows Update – will PointCast be cited as prior art?

50 Free Press Release Submission Websites – thanks to Rax for the heads up on this

BLiNQ Report Debunks Facebook App Myths – tells us what we already know, there is only a small amount of jackasses who actually will use your new super-duper poke application Get your friends and family notified you landed fine

Harley-Davidson, you’re not getting any younger – International Herald Tribune – their market is literally dying off, a serious brand reposition is required

Rivals Accuse I.B.M. of Stifling Competition to Mainframes – – the interesting thing about this court case is how some of IBM’s rivals in software are trying to change the mainframe market from a vertical to horizontal marketplace. I don’t think its really about antitrust, and IBM maybe a precursor to break other vertically integrated companies like Apple.

Trends in Japan – CScout Japan Blog » Fashionable Beverages: TGC Milk Tea & Lawson

CURIOSITY.JP – cool graphic design and experiential designers

Event: Light-Light and Sakura Story in Tokyo – – Reason number 19,995 why I want to live in Tokyo.

Micro Persuasion: Social Networking Demographics: Boomers Jump In, Gen Y Plateaus – the kids dig real life

Service Cloud. Join the Conversation –

Pipelines | mobileYouth – youth marketing mobile culture research – interesting deck

P&G’s Lafley Sees CEOs as Links to Outside World – – The CEO has a very specific job that only he or she can do: Link the external world with the internal organization.

Dell and Palm face tough reality of smartphone business – Rethink Wireless

IT Conversations | Syndicate | Larry Weber (Free Podcast) – from four years ago, but really nice pod cast.

Six Ways with Social Media by Bunny Ellerin – Interbrand Healthcare – Over 150 apps on Apple App Store aimed at clinicians, half of US physicians have a smartphone or PDA of some sort