A conversation about measurement

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I thought I would share with you the gist of a Facebook wall conversation that I had with Gi Fernando because he articulates in a few sentences what I would write in a few paragraphs.

I had posted that I was thinking about social media monitoring for a client. Working agencyside makes this more complicated as I have to think of ways of selling measurement to them. My friend Gi put out the following post on my wall.

Of course, the real challenge is getting campaigns that work, getting clients to pay for them and getting clients to pay for measurement.

Not that much to think about (and I know you know this!). Key metrics could include:

  1. How many of a person’s friends did the thing get passed along to in what time.
  2. What is that in aggregate i.e. what is the aggregate percentage of friends of an initial audience that engaged.
  3. What was the punchline per friend i.e. how much, how long, how often.
  4. Did they pass it on.
  5. Who are the people that influenced others to do something the most.

I think the real question is do marketers want to understand or would they just like to see a big idea which matches their brand guidelines?

If I could develop a silver bullet on that solves the ‘getting clients to pay for them and getting clients to pay for measurement’ challenge, I would be typing this from my new villa in Ibiza. Not surprisingly, I currently don’t have a villa in Ibiza and don’t have a silver bullet… yet.