Oprah Time: Winners and losers in a troubled economy: How to engage customers online to gain competitive advantage by Martyn Perks & Richard Sedley

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I met Richard Sedley in Cyprus when we were both speaking at a conference organised by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation – we got tasing about how he had been using the book as a way of codifying the proposition of his agency cScape. Attendees at the conference also got a chance to get their copies of Winners and losers in a troubled economy and it proved to be popular with the Cypriot hoteliers in attendance.

Winners and losers in a troubled economy

Richard sent me my own copy, and having read it I could see why it was so popular. Firstly, it isn’t a weighty forbidding tome.

Winners and losers in a troubled economy explains in a concise and pithy manner how online techniques help businesses engage with potential and existing customers. If you are a marketing director you could do worse than hand copies of this book to the rest of your board if you want to convince them that online is the way to go.

The book has become more relevant with the recession that we have upon us, and it makes Sedley and Perks seem to have a lot of foresight when they originally wrote the book in early 2007. Prior to the housing market and banking sector crash that we’re in the middle of at the moment.

I think that the book makes particularly good reading for all those senior PR agency people who think that digital is the way forward but don’t understand how yet.

They change the focus so that measurement isn’t tacked on as a justification to a programme, but a foundation on which you build the programme right at the beginning. For this reason alone it might mean a major culture change for many organisations.

There is also a website developed by Perks & Sedley to support the book. More book reviews here.