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3 Like Churn set to replace 3 Like Home

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According to Mobile News (Issue 436 April 4, 2009) front page article 3 starts major store cost-cutting drive by Michael Garwood – 3UK will be cutting ties with other 3 businesses ending its 3 Like Home deal in July. The article connects this move with the European Commission’s caps on roaming data and SMS rates.

3 Like Home applies in Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and Ireland. Personally I can’t see the linkage as Australia and Hong Kong weren’t part of the EU when I last checked. Pure speculation on my part, but it does beg the question, is this reorganisation a signal that are likely to be changes within the Hutchison Whampoa Group or consolidation in the Chinese telecoms marketplace?

Why else would 3 seek to give up such a great advantage over rival networks like Vodafone, Telefonica or Deutsche Telekom? 3 Like Home shouldn’t cost 3 that much to run as the 3 businesses are all running on a common IP network? I just can’t see the cost saving here.

As a consumer the demise of 3 Like Home would signal the end of my relationship with 3UK as my mobile voice and data provider.  My mobile data dongle is out of contract so I would only have to give a month’s notice on this. I currently pay 3UK about double the amount they are currently selling mobile data plans on. The only thing that has stopped me churning (because lets face it, a dongle is just a pipe) is my ability to roam via 3 Like Home in Hong Kong and Ireland saving me a substantial amount of money in potential data charges.

I have recommended 3UK to a number of my friends because of the data, SMS and voice roaming benefits provided in 3 Like Home.

My mobile phone contract runs out in December, my current mobile phone is a self-purchased phone as I’ve found much of the bundled software isn’t that useful for me. Facebook and IM are now available on other carriers: Blackberry devices are said to have a particularly good Facebook experience. Without the roaming advantage I just can’t see why I wouldn’t just go to another carrier like Vodafone?

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Under UK law notices of all breaches of contracts and termination/cancellation requests under such MUST be addressed to a companies Registered Office for legal reasons if you end up in court this is where you MUST have sent such notice to the other party of the contract, judge can take any other address as optional but Registered Office is not at judge option – judge is tied to “satisfactory notice as served”, just need proof of it so Royal Mail Registered or Recorded Delivery or a courier – as long as signed for on delivery 3UK cannot dispute proper termination notice was never given.

Chief Executive
Hutchinson 3G UK Limited
Star House
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It might be a busy delivery office in Maidenhead next week LOL !!!

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