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Chinese Social Networks ‘Virtually’ Out-Earn Facebook And MySpace

A Whole Lotta Nothing: This is how Social Media really works

Earning Your Media (continued)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Best Practice Guide | Best Practice Guides | Best Practice | Reports | Econsultancy

Digital Domain – Web-Based Competition for Microsoft Word –

How Big is Facebook?

YouTube – survivalofthefastest’s Channel

Analyst: YouTube Will Lose Almost $500 Million This Year – Google’s YouTube may be dominating the online-video market, but that’s not translating into profits — at least not yet. Just how much it’s losing a subject of great debate. In a report today, CreditSuisse analyst Spencer Wang says YouTube’s revenue will jump 20 percent to $240 million, but that the increase will be offset by a staggering $710 million in costs. More than half of that comes from bandwidth costs, which Wang at $360 million.

joshua’s blog: on url shorteners – some interesting food for thought here

SPINNING AROUND: SURVIVAL OF THE FASTEST … – interesting takes on agency life and the recession

SPINNING AROUND: THE UK’S TOP MARKETING WEBLOGS – thanks to James and the people at 77PR for continuing to pull together this list. Its a handy way to look for fresh material to put into your RSS reader

Marketing, Yahoo outstrips rivals as preferred portal, HONG KONG, e-Marketing, Online advertising, Research findings, |

COLOSSAL CLOTHING – the people who made the Tron jacket for Kanye West

Internet Marketing on the Go

Google Korea launched new search services, “Topic search” and “Q&A search” | Korean Insight

Gawker – Microsoft’s Secret Campaign Against Google Includes CEO’s Ex-Girlfriend – marcy simon

New Yahoo Image Search Better Than Google’s – ReadWriteWeb

Google Trends vs Market Reports: Which is More Accurate, Faster? – ReadWriteWeb

Google May Buy Twitter. Or Not. But Why is Twitter So Hot?

Russia may increase oversight of Microsoft | Beyond Binary – CNET News

The dark secrets of Whopper Sacrifice | The Social – CNET News

Me the Media – interesting project worth it for the e-book