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Links of the day

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Hot New Video Game Consists Solely Of Shooting People Point-Blank In The Face | The Onion – America’s Finest News – the comic genius of Chris Morris’ Brass Eye has obviously been transplanted to the Onion.

CHART OF THE DAY: Microsoft Online Still In Last Place After All These Years (MSFT)

Epeus’ epigone: WSJ dubbed internet parasite by WSJ editor – Interesting bits: “The Wall Street Journal argues they drive attention to companies, but the whole WSJ sensibility is inimical to traditional brand loyalty,” he said. “The Wall Street Journal encourages exclusivity — and shamelessly so — and therefore a significant proportion of their readers don’t necessarily associate that comment with the interviewee. “Therefore revenue that should be associated with the interviewee is not garnered.” What value is PR activity in gaining WSJ coverage then?

Computers to read your blog aloud, with emotion, in Japan – it would be cool if your blog could also become a hot-looking killing machine like Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Top six mistakes brand new site owners make

4.01pm – the best time to tweet if you want to be noticed » malcolm coles – thanks to Ruby for the heads up on this

Digital Piracy’s Spread Prompts Hearing – – this assumes that every developing world pirate sale would be a non-pirate sale and that western consumers don’t preview content on pirate source and then go and experience the legit material – like some academic research seems to indicate media companies are already getting that audience

Why baseball benched Microsoft Silverlight | Digital Media – CNET News – not the most ringing endorsement of Silverlight: the MLB “has an ongoing dispute with Microsoft because of significant problems we encountered last year.” Sounds like an opportunity to sell a client handling skills and conflict mediation course

Skype brand guidelines – great example of a brand guidelines

Zoomorama – Tech Crunch Web Trends – I love this diagram, a great example of information architecture

3 Compelling Twitter Visualizations

Unfair terms law can protect consumers for existing and future contracts, says Court of Appeal | OUT-LAW.COM