Great advice: pitching and networking

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My friend Kirsty is the global head of sales at Waggener Edstrom always has given some great advice about pitching and networking over the years.

  • The first no means you haven’t told the person you are speaking with anything interesting, the second no is still nothing there and the third no means no
  • Don’t go to a business dinner hungry, it allows you to focus on the people that you are having a meeting with
  • Loiter near the registration table, it allows you to scan the tags to see who may be coming that would be of interest and allows you the opportunity to strike up a conversation with with people as they are getting into circulation
  • Circle around the event to try and spy a candidate to engage with and see which people are there would be of interest
  • Look for people standing alone, one-on-one networking is often the best kind, groups are harder to break into
  • Its easier to make new contacts when you’re on your own: split up from colleagues, sit away from them at a conference, circle the room separately at networking event
  • Hanging out near the food table at a conference or networking event. Small talk about the catering is a good way of opening a conversation as any. Once they have filled their plate, they’ll look for table space, so you can set up next to them and continue from your opening. Endorphin levels are higher when we are close to food, chances are this will aid your recall of their name and details