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iKnow! – – good Japanese learning application

The Japanicity of Ken Tanaka and the Social Media Community of Youtube « The Eyeslit-Crypt

Tweetup for Beginners « Weiward Girl

When is it a Good Idea to Include Bloggers in Your Media Outreach?

Why My Twitter Train is Stopping Video Monkey – for video format conversation (Mac only)

Eric Wareheim on Vimeo – loving Eric Wareheim’s videos despite being very Nathan Barley-esque

10 Biofuels Companies You Need to Know About | The World of Startups Outside Silicon Valley | Fast Company

Japan Guide: definitive guide to Japan | Japan Guide – some handy stuff and good links here

Espresso Book Machine: Waugh While You Wait – Londonist: London News, Food, Arts & Events – they had me at a ‘single carbide blade’ welding robot, all books should be published this way, e-books sound sooooo old fashioned.

take your (Twi)pick « Becky McMichael’s PR Balancing Act

Can MySpace Make a Comeback?

What’s Popular – Digg-killing iGoogle module. What’s Kevin Rose’s exit strategy?

Chinese developer: Buy a house, get a wife for free – a property developer is encouraging house buyers to date his sales women – marriage brings a cash reward. It seems that it is a partnership between two challenged businesses. A dating agency in a culture that is reluctant to use its services (publicly) and housing which is screwed due to the economic climate. Whilst the story made me chuckle I also liked the lateral thinking.

Strategic planning: Three tips for 2009 – The McKinsey Quarterly – Strategic planning tips for 2009 – Strategy – Strategic Thinking