The trusted web: a matter of context

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chris Lee recently wrote a piece for New Media Knowledge about review sites and when I did an email interview for him, it got me thinking again about the trusted web. Originally I started thinking about the trusted web as an antedote to the the failures of the taxonomy imposed on web content by traditional… Continue reading The trusted web: a matter of context

Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute Much ado about nothing: Internet CAN take video strain says UK study – TelecomTV Digital marketing strategy benchmarking : Digital World Tokyo | FindTokyo app brings pop-up maps and more to iPhone Marketing, Being green alone does not sell in Asia, HONG KONG, Marketing, Retail, Branding, Brand reputation, | – its all relative… Continue reading Links of the day

Jargon Watch: Zombieconomy

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was listening to Harvard Business IdeaCast and came across Umair Haque’s concept of the zombieconomy. In the podcast, Haque talks about those sectors of the economy that whilst innovating are not doing transformational innovation. Examples of this would be: Car manufacturers continuing to make SUVs rather than thinking about future growth markets for green… Continue reading Jargon Watch: Zombieconomy