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EU Plans Fresh Strike on Microsoft – – there a flaw in it as Microsoft could still configure the browsers and tweak them to make them difficult to alter guaranteeing MSN / Live / Bing ‘unwilling’ traffic off 404 pages and the search box in the browser chrome

China’s Mobile Internet Advertising | Digital China Guide

Multiple Brand Personality Disorder: Who’s confusing who? | Econsultancy

How can Twitter dig itself out of hashtag hell? | Blog | Econsultancy

Google eats Microsoft’s lunch with the launch of Google Wave | Econsultancy – really surprised at how hard Microsoft’s PR and marketing teams got played on this launch. The ironic thing was that Google took this straight out of the Microsoft playbook

UK government challenged by alternative Digital Britain report – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic

Pricing, WOM, PR Efforts Get Recession Boost

It’s Time For Microsoft To Face Reality About Search And The Internet (MSFT)