Inspiration from everyday things

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I browsed Supermarket again recently. For those that don’t know it, it has all the best parts of Etsy in that you can get something interesting, but it is a curated collection and not just for the Makezine crowd.

My favourite items were:

Supermarket design

A USB drive by Tokyo, Japan-based designer Cina. I loved the regular shapes of this and the intricate nature of the laser etched / 3D printed design. It reminded me of the works made in ivory that you see in a museum made by craftsmen using a fret-saw and careful carving, only that this is made out of nylon rather than elephants.

Supermarket design

Pinwheel scarf by FutureCraft in Boston. I loved the geometric pattern of this scarf, the patten drew me into the picture. The fibre is apparently bamboo.

Supermarket design

Long Life Light by AnAtomic Factory based out of Florence, Italy plays with the everyday TetraPak milk container and fills it with light instead.