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From Social Media To Social Business Design

Message from Plymouth City Council banning Councillors from u… on Twitpic – Plymouth Council made to look like a bunch of yahoos (by that I mean the Swiftian definition).

Youth Marketing Statistics – Home

UK Photographers Rights v2 — Sirimo

I Don’t Have Time To Be Part of Your Community : Coconut Headsets

Bing xRank™ – a Google Trends look-a-like

Can an Android conquer Japan’s finicky mobile phone culture? | The Japan Times Online

The Global Innovation Report / we are social

Daring Fireball: Regarding the WSJ’s Report That Steve Jobs Had a Liver Transplant

Cargo Cult Management

Is China rich or poor? –  Interesting analysis on China via the BBC Chinese Service and Google Translation

The New Rules of Brand Competition | Fast Company

Building Personal Brands Starts With Being ‘Real’

Travel tips for visiting Tokyo