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The Socialisation of Media / we are social

The moral of this article is that there is a social network for just about every demographic – Where to Network with White Supremacists

The Digital Generation Project | Edutopia

Conversationage : Are newspapers dying? Only if they don’t innovate. – David Ko marshals some interesting data together

Everything is FALSE – smart streetwear designs

SpinVox – iPhone visual voicemail vs SpinVox

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iPhone 3GS: no longer O2 exclusive?

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Interesting page over on the expansys site which I grabbed just now. They are selling what they describe as an Apple iPhone 3G S (EU, Black 32GB) which is: supplied network-unlocked, i.e. you can use this device with a SIM card from any UK or European GSM network (e.g. Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, etc.). 

iPhone unlocked

It is interesting that it is described as an EU or European model which they will have in stock on July 19. Apple have previously sold unlocked iPhone 3G devices in Hong Kong aimed at the wider Asian market.

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Presentation at the Chartered Institute of Marketing

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I was invited down to the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Cookham to present at their annual tutors conference. I included a discussion on the current challenges that PR agencies face in the digital space and some case studies my current role at Ruder Finn and past work with my former employer. You can find the presentation on Slideshare to view or download if you wish.

Observations and notes from the event:

Tom Brown of CIM and Simon Longhurst of Accenture presented some interesting research on ‘In search of a strategic role for marketing’:

CIM - Marketing Leaders Research

Here is my notepad of the presentation (click to see a larger and slightly more legible version).
Tom Brown – suggestions for improving the standing and role of marketing at board level of large corporates:

  • Tackling the role and understanding of marketing
  • Seek out knowledge and best practice both inside and outside the organisation
  • Innovate the marketing model to free up ‘space’ for strategy through rightshoring and shared services

Simon Longhurst’s perspective:

  • Marketing is about loyalty
  • Branded customer experience derives loyalty
  • Branded customer experience requires the allignment of both promise and execution
  • Need to be pragmatic and collaborative with other business functions
  • The marketing role needs to be: anointed, clarified and elevated

In order to help move marketing up in boards priorities the Chartered Institute of Marketing has set up Marketing Transformation Leadership Forum Think Tank. They will have a website full of interesting content in the next month or so.