Measurement: attacking it from opposite sides

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Phillip Sheldrake whilst he was at Racepoint started a dialogue with the social media community about the development of an influence scoreboard. The idea is influence and reputation is the purest form of measure to capture what happens in public relations. Sheldrake is looking for a silver bullet to the measurement of online PR and social media campaigns.

At the other end of the scale is MeasurementCamp which takes a much more empirical approach, looking at individual case studies. This empirical approach is based on one of two insights:

  • We are not quite sure about what the measurement criteria should be and hope to derive them by looking at commonalities in successful case studies
  • There is no measurement silver bullets, the best you can hope for is by sharing best practice practitioners can work out how to measure on a case-by-case basis for campaigns

It will be interested to see how these two opposing approaches get on. Either way it is marketing which will benefit.