Zapping of Zappos

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I woke this morning to find that Amazon had acquired US shoe e-tailer Zappos. Zappos is a business that is respected for its corporate culture and customer service levels. ZDNet has a write up of the deal here, a key take out from their article as their surprise at the apparent low value of the deal. The deal is on the face of it worth less their reported revenue for 2008. This was a puzzle to me so I raised the question via my Facebook and twitter feeds.

This is what I got back:

Zappos discussion

Salim is a fellow former-Yahoo who knows much more about these things came back to me. As a bit of colour, he is an economist by training and has worked as a management consultant, an analyst at Merrill Lynch and is currently a founder at Wahanda: a health and wellness experience portal: a smart business to be in with consumers craving authentic experiences. As you may have guessed he’s a smart guy and I thought his insights were worth sharing with you.

Oh, and Heather is hottest interior designer in the Bay Area. Back in the late 90s we were pod neighbours at the first agency I worked at in Covent Garden where we promoted overrated technology, telecoms and internet companies; which either no longer exist or are worth comparative pocket change from those heady times.