Out and about: ALTA Restaurant, New York

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I got to spend an evening with some colleagues in New York and the restaurant they picked was ALTA. The restaurant is on a side street which felt more like Munich than Manhattan and is a surprisingly spacious place. It has a warm feel and I guess they were aiming for a traditional Swiss type feel to the interior of the building. The restaurant’s own website pictures don’t really do the venue justice.

Descriptions that you may see of the restaurant describe it as tapas, but in reality the food crosses national and continential boundaries with tempura, pasta and sashimi on the menu as well as more traditional tapas dishes. All of the dishes were universally good.

They had a good selection of deserts which were much more nouvelle cuisine and I got to find out what grapefruit air actually is. (Its kind of like coffee froth, but grapefruit flavoured).

64 West 10th Street
New York, New York
Tel: +1 212 505 7777