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BBC NEWS | Health | Healthcare around the world

Cuil Reviews Bing: SEOs Take Notice

Blind Search – which search engine results do you prefer take the Pepsi challenge here. I was Google 2 for 2

Legal: How Tesco law will revolutionise PR

15MALAYSIA – great short film project out of Malaysia, thanks to @zilch for the heads up

Corporations Take a Low-Key Approach to Event Sponsorship –

Question: What Will Emerge as the Next Great Social Network? – The Steve Rubel Lifestream | Four Opportunities to Strengthen a Brand Community | Farmwashing: Big Food’s Branding Woes…Again

Why Vodafone Is Mispriced — Seeking Alpha – interesting line in there about the likelihood of Verizon buying Vodafone. Korea’s white van man is a herbivore – “Herbivore man is a dandy metrosexual with an abhorrence of martial arts. He has no qualms about ordering wine or soft drinks instead of Korea’s fiery spirits, de rigueur among the old guard. Dried-fish woman is an impeccably dressed model employee, but after work she just wants to lounge on the sofa in a track suit, watch television and munch on dried squid.

Both are rebels from Korea’s crippling and prohibitively expensive treadmill of education, marriage and family, hailed as the be-all and end-all by the taciturn older generation. As consumers, they lavish money on their free time, buying DVDs, furniture and comfort food. In a society that prides itself on being collectivist, they are suspicious loners.

Herbivore man is particularly distasteful to the macho fathers and grandfathers whose values were forged in Korea’s agricultural and highly militarised past.”

apophenia: Twitter: “pointless babble” or peripheral awareness + social grooming?

The Intersection of Search and Social Media – interesting article