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Contradictions in Chinese medicine packaging

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I suffer from back pain periodically (hey I’m getting old, these things happen), and I use this medicine from Hong Kong to massage into the painful spot. Wong To Yick Wood Lock is the bomb, kind of like a nuclear deep heat which hits the spot and straight burns out the pain.

The reason why I am writing about it here is the contradiction in the packaging design of the medicine. Which on one level seems old-school and conservative. However given that the world’s best printing industry is across the border in Shenzhen, it would be ridiculously easy for the unscrupulous to come up with an identical facsimile.

Hong Kong medicine packaging

So they trick the cardboard box out with a holographic film (thats the shimmer you can see in the pictures. A complete contradiction in design wrapped up in this one set of packaging.)

Hong Kong medicine packaging

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