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Revealed: The ghost fleet of the recession

Interesting 2009 – forty even more interesting things – Roo Reynolds – gutted that I wasn’t fast enough in getting a ticket this year.

What’s Yahoo’s “Plan B” For Search? – aBandon ship Bartz? Or how Carol screwed the pooch if the Microsoft deal gets blocked and reasons why she’s screwed it already if the deal goes through

Ireland flying the good value flag once again

Does the revolution start when PCs are brown goods? – broadstuff

Google searches indicate economy is recovering. Slowly.

Dollar Gets Roughed Up In Unusually Heated World Economic Forum Panel – China Journal – WSJ

Protecting Your IP In China — The Basics. – China Law Blog

‘Microserfs’ author Coupland talks tech | Digital Media – CNET News

Consumers International – Copyright and Access to Knowledge