I like: Wired magazine (US edition)

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I like: Wired magazine (US edition), originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

I love Wired magazine, It’s a combination of long and short-form editorial which appeals to the polymath within. The features  generally has a technology and societal angle to it. It also runs some great big ideas pieces. There is an optimism about progress whilst recognising the law of unintended consequences. Opinions that challenge the reader even if you don’t agree with them.

And the visual experience: metallic and neon inks, rich infographics and design that electronic media just doesn’t match.

It has become a Whole Earth Catalog for the information age. I have been a regular reader, since I was at university where I first got to read Wired in the unversity library.

Has Wired magazine changed? Yes, the design is much more prosaic than it was when I first started reading. In many respects technology innovation has slowed its tempo down from the heady days at the start of the web. Technology has become more banal in nature. This is reflected on the pages of Wired and across culture. William Gibson’s arc of novels from the Sprawl Trilogy, through the Blue Ant series and the current books are a good example of this.

It is also interesting to note how divorced Silicon Valley has become from the transformational innovation inside the covers of Wired magazine. It’s luminaries grace the pages a lot less than they used to, not sure if this is down to editorial policy or declining innovation in the Bay Area?

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