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Taste the Rainbow: Cigarette Makers’ Colorful Answer to FDA Packaging Regs | Advertising, Branding, and Marketing | Fast Company – tobacco companies use visual cues to make up for not being able to bill cigarettes as light, mild or low tar.

PC vs. Mac deathmatch: Snow Leopard beats Windows 7 | Mac – InfoWorld

5 Useful Reverse Domain IP Checking Tools | Search Engine Journal

TalkTalk Digital Anthropology – Tribes

Digital Influencer mapping: Who do you need to know online?

IBM Debuts Food Traceability iPhone App – interesting application of the ‘web of data’ / Media – Disney boss tells Hollywood to rewrite script – internationalise content rather than assume a global media culture, develop online delivery platforms, cut costs, consolidate media franchises

Carl Icahn’s Long String Of Failures (YHOO, MOT)

MediaPost Publications ISP Takes Down Parody After Chamber Of Commerce Complains 10/26/2009

GeoCities Closes Tomorrow: Goodbye, Old Friend

How to Earn Respect in Social Media – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Aardvark launches Social Search on the Web!

Gwa – Get a refund for your Microsoft Windows license – interesting customer services odyssey

apophenia: Some thoughts on Twitter vs. Facebook Status Updates – interesting consumer behaviour insights

What Comes After Hard Drives?

Icahn Quits Yahoo Board; Reiterates Support For Microsoft Search Deal | paidContent

Celebrating 20 years in Communications & Reputation Research – Echo Research have finally got the video and presentations up from their thought leadership forum