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35 social media KPIs to help measure engagement | Blog | Econsultancy

MediaShift . Harold Evans Sees Bright Future for Print-on-Demand Newspapers | PBS

Microsoft Tortures Little Kids With Bing Jingle – very disturbing

The Open Graph API: What Does It Mean?

Yeah, I’d Like Metered Broadband, Too — If It Were Actually Metered

More People Relying On The Internet To Buy Vehicles | WebProNews

Diller eyes deal making with possible sale | Stocks | Reuters

New Hitwise Report Exposes Twitter Trouble | WebProNews

You No Longer Need the Google Toolbar to Use Sidewiki | WebProNews

French Government Chooses Mozilla To Replace IBM and Microsoft For 130,000 Desktop PC’s – ReadWriteEnterprise

4 Emerging Trends of the Real-Time Web – interesting how Google killed Feedburner’s real-time analytics offering and now it’s an area that is the flavour d’jour

Google’s Broken Hiring Process

Apple’s 2009 ad budget: Half a billion – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Brainstorm Tech – interesting data points here to show that a number of technology giants including Microsoft and RIM are spending too much on advertising in terms of their absolute spend and as a percentage of revenue. The percentage vs revenue could be viewed as a measure of advertising efficency, which is wanting.

Asia leading the way |

Harris: VC confidence flat, but what does it mean? –

Silicon Valley mystified by reports top executive Hector Ruiz leaked company secrets – – the irony of these alleged wrongdoings whilst at the head of a large company which was desperate for the law to step in to help it compete with Intel isn’t lost on me.

Around 140 million PS2s now sold News | PS2 | Eurogamer

Gawker Media Traffic – kicking mainstream media booty, however Gawker doesn’t have the same news gathering footprint and there is no guarantee that the eyeballs are worth the same as the New York Times or LA Times readership

Replacing the U.S. Consumer: Is China Up To The Job? – China Real Time Report – WSJ