Digital Ghetto

Reading Time: < 1 minute Back in December last year, I light-heartedly posted about class and the internet. Part of this was inspired by an old article written in The Sun just before I joined Yahoo! back in 2005 (If you Yahoo, you’re chav by Harry Macadam February 3, 2005). But there is now very real digital ghettoes. It makes… Continue reading Digital Ghetto

Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute Should Sell Out Now? | Search Engine Journal – Yes it should. UK journalists on Twitter Update | PRBLOGGER.COM SEO for non-experts: what you need to know | Mark Pack twtvite :: create and find Tweetups in your town. BBC Radio 4 Programmes – The Media Show Microsoft’s results: online, it’s losing more money than before… Continue reading Links of the day

Resilient brands: Tongrentang

Reading Time: < 1 minute I remember hearing how few companies | brands listed on the Dow Jones over the past 50 years are still going, so I was surprised to find out Tongrentang which has been successfully in business for almost four centuries. The Chinese medicine company enjoyed a royal warrant from the Qing dynasty until their overthrow in… Continue reading Resilient brands: Tongrentang