Oprah Time: Communication Power by Manuel Castells

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Castells is famous for The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture trilogy and The Internet Galaxy, both of these grace the bookshelves of many of the big thinkers in digital media. Communication  Power is a similar weighty tome chock full of research. The viewpoint of the book was affected by his experience as a political exile from Franco’s Spain.

Communication Power is a a book about the politics of internet infrastructure and systems where he discusses the conflicting forces involved.

Consolidating media and internet firms like Google and Facebook growing in power, whilst the individual media producer is also being empowered as well. This sets authority and its proxies on a crash course with the citizen.

The value for me of Castells’ Communication Power is not in his arguements but the data points which allows you to use it as an almanac or reference book. I have loaned my copy to one of our public affairs team so I will be interested in hearing what they think.