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Media Cache – TV Still Has a Hold on Teenagers – – Forrester survey of European teens. Conventional media still consumed

In the Smartphone Era, Can Nokia Recapture Its Glory Days? – – probably not, but that could be a good thing in this world of change. Apple hasn’t recaptured the glory days of the Apple II. Nokia does need to start making products that people care about again however

YouTube – PublicResourceOrg’s Channel – some great public service films here with retro chic and Bob Hope; what’s not to like?

Social Media Today | Over 4/10 Europeans want free online content…without even any ads – or Rupert Murdoch has his work cut out

Just in case you thought you weren’t important – Rory Sutherland’s Blog – Blogs – Brand Republic – great essay on digital media economics

Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor – interesting article on how banks basically went to criminals to borrow money when things got tight last year.

Social Media Today | Social Media Policies of 113 Organizations

Terra Firma Sues Citi Over EMI Deal – DealBook Blog – – so the basis of this suit is that Terra Firma got bluffed into bidding against itself and paid too much for EMI?