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Google’s Display Advertising Strategy Revealed! (GOOG) – for most key words Google seemed to have reached an optimal price, so display advertising expansion makes sense. Is Google worth its share price given the amount of future growth factored in and Microsoft worth throwing money at competing with it.

The Science of ReTweets Report | Dan Zarrella

Social Media Today | 2010- The Year of Opting-out – I read this and it chimed with me as I have been pruning LinkedIn and Facebook groups on my respective profiles

Social ME-dia with Skyrock’s CEO Pierre Bellanger – ReadWriteStart – transmedia development, arguably smarter than most people in much larger media entities

Yahoo Plans to Expand “It’s Y!ou” Ad Campaign | AllThingsD – I welcomed Yahoo! promoting the brand as a whole rather dividing efforts, but it was a car crash the first time around. It’s good to see that Yahoo! is now starting to think about personas, reasons to Yahoo! and hero products; however perverting the Y! bang is a mistake that will harm brand recognition, recall and legal defensibility of the Yahoo! brand and looks plain shit from a typographic point-of-view.

Photographer beaten, detained in London for being “cocky” to policeman who implies she is a terrorist Boing Boing – its actually a community support officer, but these things aren’t doing the UK brand any favours at all

Samsung takes Nokia’s top spot – Mobile News

Google Phone: What if? – Forrester Research – potential for innovative business model. Interesting that they think ad revenue could be that high?

Gamer population surges — consoles in 60% of households | VentureBeat – this is back above gaming back in the Atari days.

Architecture and Design’s New Hot Spots: Hong Kong and Shenzhen | Fast Company – and probably more sustainable markets than the Middle East

Valuing Cadbury’s Defense Against Kraft – DealBook Blog – – interesting use of CSR

Environmentalists should stop saying the world is ending. – By Anne Applebaum – Slate Magazine – or why environmentalists are about to lose the whip hand and the pragmatists will win out.

Googling for Sociopaths (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought) – “What has Google ever done for the world?” ask the sociopaths at various points throughout the book. “All they do is steal other people’s content!” To a normal human the question is ridiculous — it’s almost impossible to imagine life without Googling for something, checking your Gmail, or watching videos on YouTube — but sociopaths aren’t used to doing things that create value for people.

Qik Launches Desktop App for Live Video Sharing – could be interesting for running webinars over and take out the bottom end of Webex’s business

Microblogging, Meet “Megablogging”: Post to WordPress via Twitter – interesting integration

The Local Search Engine Optimization Cheat List | Search Engine Journal

Infographic: Is Your Country Embracing Social Media? – really interesting datapoints here, though I think that Japan and Korea’s numbers may be artificially low due to their high mobile services consumption. What is interesting is the way China has taken to blogging and photo sharing in comparison to other countries. It maybe because internet penetration is still low as a percentage of the population so this is an early adopter profile in all senses of the phrase.

PMLive – Significant step in the Sidewiki drama – misstatement of the year. The problem with Astra Zeneca’s approach is that it won’t protect them from reputational damage from all the content that will go on underneath the disclaimer.

Do people in the music industry understand music? – Rory Sutherland’s Blog – Blogs – Brand Republic – interesting article on consumer behaviour / Asia-Pacific – Japan business confidence remains low – “We can see the numbers are moving in a better direction, but prospects for real conditions are still severe,” said Hirofumi Hirano, chief cabinet secretary and spokesman for Japan’s new Democratic party-led government.

HP researchers try to tell you who your friends are – – interesting influencer delving and online media planning tools here

O’Brien: The Influencers of Silicon Valley –

Things That Don’t Make Sense About The CrunchPad/ JooJoo Story – Duncan Riley is right there isn’t much of this that makes sense. A secondary point of interest is the degree of IP that the OEM is claimed to own. It makes you wonder what value there is in buying a well-known technology brand nowadays.

1d, 2d, 3d Now 4d Barcodes. – oscilating colour in barcodes to carry more information. Going to the supermarket could be a trippy experience

MediaPost Publications Social Media Fails To Manifest As Marketing Medium, Report Likens Twitter To TiVo: More Hype Than Reality 05/20/2009 – interesting counterpoint to social media, however it is flawed in that most decisions that we make in general will rely on our own expertise so the numbers aren’t as bad as they seem and shows how important it is to get in with consumers at the point when they make purchases divergent from their normal experience.