Presentations over the past year

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I’ve been doing a range of public presentations over the past year to a wide range of audiences from policemen and hoteliers to the digerati, so I thought I would share a selection of them with you.

Right after I got back from a few days R&R with a little networking on the side in Hong Kong, February saw me presenting on a couple of different topics over a few days in Cyprus to members of the tourist industry from hoteliers to car rental companies.

090318 Online Reputation Management

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The first day I presented on Online Reputation Management providing a kind of basic guide to whet their appetite and get them asking the right questions about their organisations.

090319 Personalised Web

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The second day I presented on the personalised web with some ideas to get them to think about their own offerings and online presence. I found this presentation more difficult to present because of the vastness of the area that I covered in terms of differentiation, net promoter index and product/service customisation as part of ‘normal’ consumer experiences now. Many of the example image are hyperlinked when you click on them. They worked earlier on in the year but I am not guaranteeing they will work now.

Current state of online comms informal talk deck

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Soon after I arrived at Ruder Finn, I did a quick lunchtime presentation on ‘interesting stuff online’ for some of the PR people at Google. This was a kind of social media snack with a quick overview where I thought the web was moving, and how they affect communications; some where questions as the answers aren’t self-evident and then talked through campaigns I’d been involved in with key learnings or out-takes hit at high velocity and some interesting sites and services. Looking back on it now it feels longer than 7-8 months ago. If you are looking at this deck now slides 4 & 5 are the ones most worth looking at.

0906 – CIM presentation

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June saw me in the country with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. At their campus in Cookham, they had me present  to their annual tutor conference on ‘planning for a digital future’. I tried to get out of my agency view and throw in some easy points of discussion in for them. See slides 10 & 18 for the sizzle in the steak as an former American colleague used to say.

091023 Intent Is The New Demographic

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Speaking at the Social Media in Business conference in October I covered Ruder Finn’s viewpoint around intent, which goes to the heart of why services like search and social networks have been successful; that consumer intent is a better indicator of online behaviour than traditional socio-economic indicators. This is partly due to the web, but also social changes over the past few decades such as the rise of a middle class in western Europe and a corresponding decline in working-class as manufacturing moved East with roles partly replaced by the knowledge economy.  I am likely to be doing some blogging for SMiB in the coming year or so. Slide 6 is the key one in this presentation.

091130 – Engaging Conversation presentation to NGOs

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Finally, on a cold and bleak morning at the end of November I presented on social media to a group drawn from the not-for-profit sector about social media and the importance of programme measurement. This loses a bit of impact in Slideshare as it contains builds and fades on different slides, so download it if you want the full-on experience.

I hope that these prove to be of some use | interest. Feedback and comments welcome.