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Notice in Cathay Pacific lounge at Heathrow

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I saw this notice in Cathay Pacific lounge at Heathrow.

To maintain a peaceful environment, please be considerate when using the phone.

It seems to be directly translated from Chinese into English. Sometimes copywriting that is directly translated doesn’t work that well. A classic example for this would be pretty much any marketing campaign for a Huawei smartphone.

But occasionally you strike copywriting gold; like this notice in the Cathay Pacific lounge. Hong Kong tends to do this better. I suspect this happens for a few reasons.

Educated Hong Kongers generally have a good appreciation of the English language and what works with it. So they know how to just translate enough.

Also the advertising industry has existed in Hong Kong longer. It has been steered by European and American experience. You can see this in the high quality of the creative craft, from a visual and a copy-based point of view. More on Hong Kong here.