Links of the day

Morning Buzz: Live From Google’s Major Step Into The Social Spotlight – interesting ideas building on some of the work that Bradley Horowitz did at Yahoo! but it is reliant on you having already been an extensive GMail | GTalk user. In reality, my platforms have been much more diffused, a kind of anthropological layering based on the different groups that I interface with.

Cisco: The Mobilpocalypse Is Coming!!!!! – GigaOM

Flickr Co-founder’s New Startup Finds a Glitch – GigaOM – ‘Game Neverending’ reimagined

MyMP 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store – nice application for Derek Wyatt MP, you have to wonder if it poses a personal security risk for him though

Flickr Photos now in Street View … « geobloggers – I have been a big champion of flickr, here is yet another reason to adopt it as part of your social media presence

Technology Report » Google Social Circle – Google finally getting its social search game on a la Yahoo! circa 2005

Communities Dominate Brands: Our gift to you our readers: The TomiAhonen Cheat Sheet on all major mobile industry numbers – great mobile data points

Investment Group Backed By Google, Disney To Buy Into Chinese Bus Media Firm

Poland’s ‘Facebook’ Is Up For Grabs In A Central European Roll-Up

Advertisers are increasingly disenchanted with TV advertising

ASMALLWORLD – The Definitive Guide to Tokyo

The dark side of crowdsourcing? — Federal Computer Week

What Your Choice of Search Engine Says About You – Advertising Age – Digital