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Google Responds To Blogger’s Outrage With Product Tweaks

Iceland Looks to Create Information Haven – GigaOM

Google and Social: Like Nerds at the Dance – GigaOM

MySpace Stream Architect Monica Keller Jumps To Facebook

Pownce Founder Leah Culver Leaves Six Apart – ICQ web-based client

Apple Holds iTunes Contest Marking 10 Billionth Download | WebProNews

TED: Future of Mobile With Henry Tirri, Head of Nokia Research [INTERVIEW]

Social Networking Watch: LinkedIn Now 60M Strong

Hp loads android onto a netbook – The Inquirer / Currencies – Beijing’s monetary move sparks risk retreat

Top 10 Google Settings You Should Know About – Google settings – Lifehacker / Comment / Analysis – China: The jailed salesman – background on the Gome business

“Raw Data Now” – One year on in the UK | The Guardian Open Platform |

Buzz off: Disabling Google Buzz | Webware – CNET

Public Relationships: Buzzing about Google Buzz – Jeremy Woolf has some interesting feedback. I had a conversation with some other folks earlier and explained how the systems fault can be fixed relatively easily (web services can innovate faster and more often because you control all the computers, rather than rolling out software to multiple permutations of client machines around the world a la Windows | OS X update).

Les Français are very social / we are social – even more so than the British

Belgium Ad Agencies On Strike « Ed Lee’s Blogging Me Blogging You

4chan’s moot takes pro-anonymity to TED 2010

So Where Else in the World Can You Get 1 Gbps to the Home? – GigaOM – shows what a joke the proposed Digital Economy bill is

Light Blue Touchpaper » Blog Archive » Chip and PIN is broken

The State of Social Media Around the World 2010 | Brian Solis – the Facebookisation of the world

The Pitch HK: Chui Sui Central: Google tips for CNY

Steve Young: S’Long Air America, We Hardly Heard Ye – the struggle of liberal media in the US to make a profit.

Microsoft Reorganizes Its Marketing Team | paidContent – interesting that they are ushering in an era of radical change in the way they present Microsoft

Coming: Microsoft’s New Mobile Phone Software | AllThingsD

PR Communications: 7 Degrees Of Agency Transparency In Social Media