Links of the day

Reading Time: 2 minutes Marketing Interactive | Facebook asserts interest in Asia Are Modern Web Apps Killjoys? The Facebook Imperative – owes a creative debt to Clara Shih (ex-Salesforce exec) but still a good read Is your social media breaking the law? 81% not sure | Tempero Time to Worry about China? – US fund managers are apparently going… Continue reading Links of the day

Jargon Watch: Splinternet

Reading Time: < 1 minute Up until very recently ‘super-standards’ like Internet Explorer for Windows-only features that plugged into .Net frameworks made using some corporate electronics services like banking a pain-in-the-ass. In fact, I still don’t do electronic banking because my bank of choice thinks that user experience should be the digital equivalent of Hellraiser’s cenobites that said bank probably… Continue reading Jargon Watch: Splinternet