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4 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Site | Search Engine Journal

Microsoft Bing’s One-Year Anniversary | AllThingsD – but aside from filleting Yahoo! hasn’t shaken Google. Suspect that its strategy is fatten up on the bit players (as I outlined a year ago given its similarity to Ask) and then scream monopolist – unfair competition etc

Apple Still Hasn’t Fixed The Big Problem With The iPad: It Looks Really Uncomfortable To Use – this didn’t stop the iPhone which feels awkward in my hand, or women wearing high-heel shoes

The Relaunch of Syfy: When Search Shapes the Brand – I would be very surprised if Comparethemarket is not an even  better example of this

Abercrombie and Fitch Ginza – Our impressions – A&F bombs in Japan. Quite happy about this as I think that they are overrated anyway

Omake trends: Elle Japon x American Apparel – gives away headband with magazines. O-ma-ke: monthly magazine giveaway

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Greenpeace raids the cloud

Singapore Health Ministry on social media | FutureGov

Meet the new man at the MSN’s international helm (Digital Knowledge Centre – Thought Leaders)

Social Media In Financial Services Doctors.Net (presentation)

Word of Mouth and Social Media: A Tale of Two Burger Joints | Forrester Blogs

MailChimp’s hard lesson in freemium business model: spammers love it | VentureBeat

Flickr attributor bookmarklet – Boing Boing – handy item to have in your browser chrome

YouTube – applegirl002’s Channel – pure genius – about 1.2 million views of her channel and climbing. It does help that she’s not only talented, has a good voice and kawaii

China’s, Sun Yat-sen University Jointly Launch Search Engine Marketing Course – – taking a leadership position locally and looks like an international eye as well

NumberQuotes Gives Perspective to Your Statistics, Is Great for Presentations – Lifehacker

New Media Knowledge – The issues facing brands (and their users) on social networks

BBC – Research and Development: Revisiting Audience Behaviour and Media

Indexing company liable for users’ infringement, says High Court | Pinsent Masons LLP – the key here is that human editors where briefed to focus on collating film links

project 52 – interesting photography project by Fiona Miller of flickr

Microsoft Ignored the Long Tail in Search, Bing Boss Says – eWeek – didn’t index nearly enough stuff to provide fresh relevant data


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