Links of the day

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Predictably Irrational » Disclosure? It’s Not Good Enough – Dan Ariely on why disclosure can be counterproductive

Quickie (sort of) on DE Bill « ericjoycemp’s Blog – MPs don’t care if their constituents care about non-local issues apparently

Facebook Introduces Community Pages – think that this maybe a move to give Facebook a new line of business

Free ebooks: motivations, metrics and economics – Boing Boing – information on why authors publish for free

South by Southwest Presentations Channel – Slideshare captures all the best presentations from this year and former SXSWs

Asiajin » Livedoor To Be Acquired By Korea’s Largest Search Portal Site – NHN (aka NAVER – the social search | Q&A pioneers)

McClure’s Asia Music News | 88tc88 launches Chinese-market entry service

Infographic of the Day: China’s Growing Wealth Gap | Fast Company – it puts things into perspective

PeteSearch: How to split up the US – interesting basic datamining on US social network users that sufficiently riled Facebook into legalling them