Digital Economy Act fatigue

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I wrote what is likely to be my last piece on the Digital Economy Act until after the election today for Left Foot Forward. Looking at the sentiment online and the kind of initiatives unveiled by members of the public this seems to have finally started to catch fire in the public’s imagination reminiscent of the Poll Tax and Criminal Justice Act of 1994.

I asked Alex Hilton, a Labour parliamentary candidate about his opinion on the bill, to which he democratically replied:

I think it’s clear that there’s going to have to be another Digital Economy Bill in due course to tweak elements of this one.

It also underlines how much influence certain vested interests have in the governance of this country, that they can overwhelm so many voices.

That said, it’s good that there is some industrial policy finding it’s way onto the statute books and there are elements of the Bill that should be welcomed.

Lighter moments came out of the Digital Economy debate today with the online publication of a letter reputed to be from Labour minister Stephen Timms:

Stephen Timms is my tech guru

All this digital this-and-that seemed to have him a bit confused, but does beg the question why is he minister for Digital Britain? I am guessing that there mustn’t be that deep a bench of digital economy expertise in Westminster.