Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute – Research In Motion to acquire QNX Software Systems – this is an interesting move. QNX is famous for its real-time operating systems, including the one that went into 3Com’s Audrey internet appliance. Perhaps the smarts to give RIM a better OS?

Who Knew? Now You do. | Yodel Anecdotal – interesting take on news presentation, but not a killer internet app

UK MPs call for ID cards and surveillance, but demand privacy for themselves – Boing Boing – looks like the Digital Economy Act has brought a whole pile of tech politics out of the bag

How File-Sharers Will Bypass UK’s Anti-Piracy Act | TorrentFreak

Veterans Affairs Engages Vets via Facebook, Twitter and Blogs

Survey of journalists across EMEA reveals depth of crisis in media sector – the juicy bit “the increased competition, as well as the de-professionalisation of their trade through citizen journalism, were all cited as serious causes for concern. Twenty-seven per cent of respondents said that blogs had damaged journalism,” – no poor journalism has allowed bloggers to become more popular

Site Speed Now a Factor in Google Rankings – Google – Lifehacker – only 12 years after GartnerGroup found that the time someone spent on a site was inversely proportional to the page load time

Amazon exec slams some in music sector | Media Maverick – CNET News

10 Fantastic Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube

Kids’ Media Use – hightlights from the Kaiser Family Foundation report

Groklaw – Digging a Little Deeper into TurboHercules/IBM – and Microsoft

Social Media Monitoring – 2010 review | FreshNetworks social media agency blog

Copyright is hard – Dan Catt – BPI official caught out on suspicious activity that certainly looks like copyright infringement