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TwoCubed Consulting: Telemarketing for PR – interesting take on PR lead-generation.

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online? | Information Is Beautiful – looking at this they are better off without a label

Make a New Habit Stick by Drilling Down Through the Failure of Prior Ones – Habits – Lifehacker

Earthquake Highlights Baidu Block of Qinghai Topic – China Real Time Report – WSJ – the semantics of web filtering can sometimes be challenging and it also goes to show how many people still use one-word searches

UK P2P Warning Letters by December?

Mad Young Thing: Asking powerful questions – handy for the storytelling process

Japan’s MIC ponders unlocked SIMs | Telecom Asia – may adversely affect Japanese cellphone manufacturers due to foreign competition and hit the carrier Softbank

European Union, France to Consult on Net Neutrality – – Business Technology Leadership

Where a Cellphone Is Still Cutting Edge –

Why Palm Is the M&A Flavor of the Week – Deal Journal – WSJ

Multilingual SEO: Things to Remember | Search Engine Journal

Beginner’s Guide to Link Metrics | Search Engine Journal

Google Docs Gets More Realtime; Adds Google Drawings To The Mix

Communities Dominate Brands: Reading your Palm. Who should buy the smartphone manufacturer?

Beer shipments sink to record low | The Japan Times Online – key line here is that Japanese young people drink less than their older peers did at their age

Morgan Stanley analyst Meeker: Mobile innovation will leave the desktop web in the dust | VentureBeat