I like: Design icon SAAB 92 maybe reborn

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Saab 92 1950, originally uploaded by Stig Baumeyer.

According to The Local SAAB’s new owner Spyker wants to release a retro version of the SAAB 92. When SAAB started out in car manufacturing it was as innovative as Citroën or Volkswagen. The SAAB 92 was their first car. It is hard to believe that car was from the 1950s was iconic as it was way ahead of its time with a drag coefficient of 0.30 (how cleanly it cut through the air and that number is better than most cars on the market today) and a small economical two-stroke engine.

The small efficient car started SAAB’s long association with rallying. The SAAB 92 was directly derived from SAAB’s experience as an aircraft company and the legacy can be seen in subsequent models including the 93, GT750, 95 (not the 9-5) and 96.

The more I think about it a retro-modern SAAB 92 looks more like the future of the car.