Links of the day

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Microsoft takes H.264 stand in Web video debate | Deep Tech – CNET News

Tokyo fishermen update seafood e-commerce site from their boats – Boing Boing – not surprising given that the Japanese invented JIT and lean manufacturing processes that they would extend it when the technology came available to their fishing industry

Did HP buy Palm just for the patents? | Pinsent Masons LLP – this makes more sense than the conference call announcing the acquisition in terms of the valuable though I think HP is in mobile computing for the long haul

Thoughts on Flash – this is more of the thoughtful communications that Apple should be, but don’t do

Healthcare Engagement Strategy seminar

Webicina.Com • Practicing medicine in the web 2.0 Era – Lifehacker for doctors

”Child Pornography Is Great,” Anti-Pirates Say | TorrentFreak

Make Your Own 3G Router « bunnie’s blog – great idea

fifty 5 :: an adam j. schokora production » Blog Archive » china youth marketing piece, “the breakdown of tribal borders” :: / Comment / Analysis – China: Futuristic yet fruitful – interesting overview of the Shanghai expo

European shoppers still focused on price – Warc – not feeling as if they are out of the rough economic times yet

Database builder faces web-scraping lawsuit | Pinsent Masons LLP – what does this mean for things like comparison shopping sites? – European experts provide guidance on what future European copyright law should look like

Michael Geist – Study Finds Fair Use Industry Worth Trillions – PageRank for Twitter – handy ready reckoner on the reputation of a twitter user

It’s gut check time for Europe – The Curious Capitalist – – given David Millibrand’s uncertain defence of the UK’s credit rating on BBC Radio 4 Today programme earlier this week, it would make sense to add the UK to this list

Unstoppable. – interesting collection of bike stuff by Taeyoung Kim – ESC keynoter Kaku beams audience back to the future – Moore’s Law tops out at 2020 due to heat and electron leakage