Shameless plug: Vote 2010 – The Digital Economy

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Earlier this week I pulled together a summary of the three main parties manifestos versus the pledge that Tom Watson gave to his constituents in West Bromwich East for Left Foot Forward. Manifestos are by nature wide, but shallow documents so I didn’t expect them to go into digital issues in a terribly great depth.

My pre-election analysis of the Conservative technology report which James Dyson had a hand in didn’t allow me to drill down in sufficient depth on the ‘how’ aspect of their broadband plans and the manifesto contained even less detail.

Labour had nailed their colour to the mast with the Digital Economy Act and the paragraph in their manifesto promised more of the same. Their broadband plans had been mapped out pre-election with the finance bill and I had found them wanting.

I was surprised at how little the Liberal Democrats said on broadband and did not address their opposition to the Digital Economy Bill at all.

I won’t steal the thunder of the article, go and read it over at Left Foot Forward.