Jargon Watch: Big Content

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Big content was a phrase that I first saw Cory Doctorow use over at BoingBoing to refer to the largest media companies that hold sway with organisations like the MPAA, RIAA and IFPI. It not only signals the size of the organisations involved but is a pejorative phrase that ties the modern misdeeds of of these media companies with the exploitative nature of ‘Big Food’ organisations from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle to Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me; or ‘Big Tabacco’ companies war of attrition against law-makers and critics to push harmful products to consumers, notably the recent dispute over the Ferrari barcode design which is alleged to have promoted Marlboro cigarettes.

Big Content’s sins are numerous, affecting consumer rights, copyright, fair use and telecoms policy. Their affect on the internet in countries like the UK is roughly equivalent of allowing bicycle makers to write the government’s road-building policy and the Highway Code.

Kudos to Cory Doctorow: Big Content’s depraved indifference (BoingBoing)