Links of the day

Facebook LOL as Germany’s StudiVZ Loses Ground – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

BYD’s Electric Taxis Hit Shenzhen’s Streets « The China Tracker – – it will be interesting to see how Shenzhen’s drivers cope with electric cars

The 5 Fools You Meet In Social Media | Search Engine Journal

Iwatani: Pac-Man was made for women News | Eurogamer

Ctrip Sees Challenge in Online Bookings – China Real Time Report – consumer behaviour

Why iPhone Hasn’t Sold Well in China – China Real Time Report

RTÉ Business: Japanese economy surges, but risks remain – Booming demand for new cars, high tech products and factor parts have combined with a stimulus-driven domestic picture, helping Japan’s biggest companies return to profit in the past fiscal year

No, Facebook, Your “Extraordinary Gift” Did Not Create The Personalized Web

HarperCollins Editor On The Future Of Book Publishing – PSFK – interesting how context affects the medium

Former Atari/Sony exec joins venture firm targeting disruptive games | VentureBeat – says a lot (none of it good) about current games publishers

Computer Algorithm Can Recognize Sarcasm (Which Is Just Soooo Cool) | Popular Science – this could be great at bring automated monitoring and analysis closer to reality

inspiring stuff from ningbo-based digital artist shadow chen /// NeochaEDGE /// – I really like this stuff

Guardian Says It Needs to Become an Open Platform – web of data future for news media?

Beet.TV: Yahoo Harvests “Content Farm” Associated Content for $90 Million, report – it makes sense. Yahoo! Answers was full of low quality content anyway, so why not invest in more of it?